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Legal Prime has the best advocates in Chennai who can help you legally on both personal and business matters. Our lawyers provide consultation and legal services on various aspects such as marriage and divorce, property registration, NRI marriage registration, business firm and trademark registration and more.
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Our Services

We offer the best legal services in Chennai and all over India. Our expert attorneys also provide legal services to NRI customers.

Marriage Registration

Top Marriage Registration Lawyers in Chennai offer marriage registration services from getting the application ready to hand over the registration certificates. Legal Prime specializes in marriage registration for both residents and non-residents of India.

Property Registration

Advocates for real estate and property registration in Chennai provide quality legal services for registering and transferring properties at the best price. Our real estate attorneys take care of the entire process from getting the legal documents to registration.

Legal Divorce

Legal Prime specializes in family law and provides various services related to family court. Be it a divorce, annulation, alimony, child custody, and more, the best family advocates in Chennai, Legal Prime take care of the case and wins it for you.

Name Change

Getting your name changed for some reason? Connect with the best lawyers in Chennai for the right legal service and guidance on getting your name changed officially. We take care of the legal documents and gazette signatures that are needed for the name change.


Looking for an authorized person to sign your documents for attestation? We are here to help you with getting the signature of a gazette officer for authorizing your documents. Legal Prime offers the best legal attestation services in Chennai.

Legal Drafting

It is really important to legalize an agreement in paper rather than just words as a legal agreement can help you with any disputes in the future and acts as a valid document between the parties. The best attorneys in Leal Prime help you with drafting flawless agreements.

Trade Mark

Get expert assistance on commercial aspects that include company registration, trademark registration, patent registration, copyrights, and more. Get expert advice from the best business legal Consultants in Chennai for setting up your business right.

ITR (Income Tax Return)

we offer a comprehensive range of ITR (Income Tax Return) services to assist individuals and businesses in fulfilling their income tax obligations. Our dedicated team of tax professionals ensures accurate and timely preparation and filing of income tax returns...

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Our advocates are dedicated to the case and we offer the best and uncompromised legal assistance.

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We prioritize our clients and we try our best to be more professional and empathetic while handling the case.

Standard of Excellence

Decades of experience have made our team of attorneys the best in Chennai and we always grow.

Highly Quality Care

Our lawyers are professionals and we maintain the information from the clients confidentially and securely.

Professional Team

Our experienced advocates take care of the case hassle-free and we keep our clients calm through our professional approach.

Client Satisfaction

Legal Prime is well-known for its client satisfaction and renowned winning of cases at a minimal budget. Higher quality at lower price!

Most Recent Testimonial

I contacted this firm last minute and they were far from my state. When I Reached them I was surprised to see that they prepared my case in less than 12 hours. The team is experienced in all property matters.They have been responsive, professional and empathic throughout our court needs.
The team of legal prime executed my dissolution of marriage expeditiously and fairly. I highly recommend their services.
Kadir Bashir
My experience with legal prime has been excellent. Finally found a right place for a NRI ( who’s willing to marry in India ) Statisfied with all the process and documentation work done for solemnising my marriage and for my marriage registration

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