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Whether you run a small, medium, or big-sized business, the agreement has a vital role. Drafting documents in law can be challenging as it needs to be favorable for both parties to avoid disputes.

The legal drafting services in Legal Prime are reliable as well as result-oriented. Here at Legal Prime, our drafting services comprise creating agreements and documents specifically for courts, editing, proofreading and copy-editing documents (pre-drafted).

legal drafting sevices

Types of Legal Drafting Services

legal drafting services in chennai

At Legal Prime, we offer diverse types of drafting services. Our drafting services are: 

It includes drafting briefs and motions that convince the arbitrator, court, or mediator. This drafting helps to accept the reasons advanced and resolve the issue in favor of the moving party. Settlement agreements and letters of discussion are also convincing.

Functional contract drafting services cover contracts and agreements, which should adapt to legal formats. Moreover, it needs to be as per the objectives of members in the contract. Seeking the guidance of a contract drafting lawyer would be helpful.

This drafting service includes the documents required for drafting to ensure Discovery. They are Interrogatories, Requests to produce witnesses, Requests for Production, and Requests for Admission.

It includes drafting, proofreading, and re-drafting documents related to Intellectual property. Copyright Registration, Copyright Infringement, Privacy Policy, Patents, Disclaimers, Copyright Notices, and Terms of Use are the documents.

It consists of conducting a contract review, agreement review, contract analysis, and personal injury demand letter review. It also includes editing, re-structuring, and proofreading pre-drafted agreements, contracts, and court-specific documents.

It includes a summarization of depositions and transcripts to ensure faster access to the required information. Hiring a document drafting lawyer would help you know more about summary drafting.

Agreement Drafting Services

At Legal Prime, we offer top-quality agreement drafting services in Chennai. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced legal drafting lawyers in Chennai to perform the following works.

  • Sale agreement
  •  Rental agreement
  • Franchise agreement
  • Mutual agreement
  •  Partnership agreement


What are legal drafting services?

Legal Prime’s legal drafting services are implementing writing conventions systematically to support law firms.

How much does legal contract drafting cost?

It varies. To know the cost of our legal drafting services, contact us.

What are the golden rules of legal drafting?

The golden rules of legal drafting are:

  • Clarity
  • Avoid ambiguity
  • Accuracy
  • Unilateralism
  •  Define all the vital things
  • Remember the chronology
  •  Flexibility
  • Be logical

What are the five stages in drafting law?

Pre-drafting and drafting stages comprise several sub-stages. It includes

  • Initiation of Legislative proposals
  • Pre-legislative consultation policy
  • Proposal check
  • Memorandum drafting
  • Clearance from the cabinet
  • Approval from cabinet
  •  Preparation of statement of objects and reason
  • The house preference
  •  Printing of the bill

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I contacted this firm last minute and they were far from my state. When I Reached them I was surprised to see that they prepared my case in less than 12 hours. The team is experienced in all property matters.They have been responsive, professional and empathic throughout our court needs.
The team of legal prime executed my dissolution of marriage expeditiously and fairly. I highly recommend their services.
Kadir Bashir
My experience with legal prime has been excellent. Finally found a right place for a NRI ( who’s willing to marry in India ) Statisfied with all the process and documentation work done for solemnising my marriage and for my marriage registration

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