How Do You Draft a Legal Agreement?

Legal drafting means setting up a preliminary version of the document. Thus, it is a collection of law, facts, components, and other things associated with it in a lawful language on a legal document.

When it comes to legal drafting, there are three main components. It includes facts, laws, and language.

Legal drafting is possible for several documents such as statues, ordinances, wills, constitution/s, agreements, contracts, indentures, and much more.

To know more about the concept of legal drafting, let’s check out the drafting process.

The legal drafting process operates in two ways: Conceptual and Verbal. It provides the brief understanding about the facts of the governing laws and situation.

Legal Agreement

Rules of Legal Drafting

  • Facts should not be removed or added at random time.
  • Before starting the draft, the design of the draft needs to be fixed.
  • All the legal terms should be clearly used.
  • Avoid the negative statements by using the technical language.
  • Arrange the facts logically while using alphabets and numbers for the para.
  • The legal draft needs to be self-explanatory and word selection must be appropriate.
  • The draft must be readily imaginable.
  • Both the parties should clearly understand the format of the legal draft.
  • The words in the legal draft should be polite.

Principles of Legal Drafting

There are four principles of legal drafting such as:

Formation of Outline

Drafting is the skeleton of the document. To make the legal draft more effective, it must elaborate and address the problems. In fact, the draft needs to be detailed as possible.

The legal draft should not be unclear and each para in the draft should contain the details about the major point.

Arrangement of Facts

The manner in which the fact has to be arranged must be given importance. The arrangement of facts should be step-by-step and present for the organized analysis of the problem. Ideas need to consistent and presented uniformly through the draft.

Style and Language

Style is one of the vital factors for conveying ideas through drafting. If the things are clear, then once can present anything clearly. Thus, a clear presentation is important for clear thinking.

The writing in the legal draft should be simple and use only appropriate legal words. Facts in the draft needs to be in a simple and precise manner.


The paper should be of standard size and correct margins needs to be left.

Summing it up

Legal drafting needs to be clear, precise, and simple. We believe that now you are clear with how to draft a legal agreement.

However, if you need more information about legal drafting process, contact us.

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